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India is an amazing country having great culture and modern architecture. We have tear down the list of best places to visit in India. We have ranked it for the best experience of a traveler in India.

India is a consistently engrossing country that challenges and surprises to the traveler from all over the world. while visiting India, you will experience sounds, smells, sites and sensation at maximum intensity .There are some places that  make a place in our hearts after visiting, India is one of those places.

India is a mixture of old heritage and modern architecture. It amazes you in many ways. Your visit to India will must be the memorable of all other trips. Shall we begin?

1. Taj Mahal

In 1631 the Taj Mahal was empowered by Shah Jahan, to be constructed in the remembrance of his wife Mumtaz Mahal who died on 17th June that year while the delivery of their 14th child Gauhara Begum. The Taj Mahal is situated on the right side of the Yamuna river. The construction was started in 1632 AD and completed in 1648 with the main gateway.

people near TAj Mahal
View of Taj Mahal From Front

The outer surrounding buildings and Gardens were completed in 1653 AD. The Taj Mahal is celebrated to be the greatest constructive accomplishment in the whole range of Indo-Islamic renaissance. Attraction of the Taj Mahal is the Tomb of Mumtaz Mahal and her husband the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

Last but not least there is a slogan about visiting the Taj Mahal is “Taj Nahi Dekha To Kuch Nahi Dekha” means If you haven’t seen the Taj you haven’t seen anything else in India. 

2. Golden Temple

The famous Golden temple is located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India. It is known for its full Golden dome. The best thing about Golden Temple is Guru ka Langar, which provide free food to all the visitors, nevertheless of color caste and gender. Visitors or travelers who want to enter in the Golden temple must remove the shoes and cover their heads. There are so many other places to visit near the Golden temple.

yellow temple near body of water
Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, India

For example, Central Sikh Museum, Ramgariha Bunga, Dukh Bhanjani Beri, Diwan hall Manji Sahib, karah Prasad, Lachi Ber, Darshani Deori, Har ki pauri, Gurudwara Thara Sahib, Ber Baba Budhaji, Teja Singh Samundari Hall, Guru Granth Sahib research center and so on.

3. Goa

Goa is a place for adventurous people. Goa is a situated at western coast of India. Goa is known for its endless seashore, entertaining nightlife, seafood and so many adventurous activities. people of Goa are mostly friendly and easygoing. 

Goa is a hub of museums, art galleries and libraries. If you are a cultural person, Old Goa is a great place for art and history. India’s first Museum for technology and art, called Sensistan is in the Goa. There are numerous fauna sanctuaries to visit.

people on beach in Goa, India
People Enjoying Sunset on Beach in Goa, India

Goans speak Konkani, English, Hindi and Marathi. Food is another important aspect in Goa. Goa ‘s famous food will surprise you whether it’s a Fish Curry Rice, Bhai-pau, Goan Red Rice, Pork Vindaloo, Kingfish and so on. Goa is a mixture of Hindu and Portuguese culture and heritage. 

What to do in Goa

Goa is a hub for adventure sports. You can do Scuba Diving at Grand Iceland in Goa, sight seeing at North Goa, water sports in Calangute beach, adventurous activities with boat tours, cycling at Divar, Kayaking in Goa’s Baga creek, crab catching along with delicious dinner, dining party Cruise at Goa, deep sea fishing, Dolphin trip in Goa and so on. Goa is a perfect place for Solo trips, couple trips and family trips.

4. Kutch

Kutch is a district of Gujarat state in India. Kutch is especially famous for its white salt Desert. Kutch is the largest district of India with low community rate. Sunsets at the great dessert of Kutch are a beautiful plesant to the eyes after exploring the area. The region of desert is divided into two parts The Great Rann of Kutch and The Little Rann of Kutch (Rann means Dessert in Gujarati Language). The historic and precious Museum of Gujarat, the Kutch Museum is popular of its collection of Kutchi Script and precious coins. There are other things like ancient paintings, arms, musical instruments, sculpture and precious metalwork to display in the museum.

The Mandvi Beach in Bhuj(Capital of Kutch) is a popular holiday destination for camping and water sports facilities. You can do camel ride on the beach which will give you a magnificent experience. Kutch ‘s nature and its beauty make this beach a perfect holidays and destination.

The Aaina Mahal Palace was built in 18th century by Ram Singh Malam. He was asked by the king to make this palace of dreams for him, so far Aina Mahal was constructed. You should definitely have a visit to the palace and have a look at the beautiful carved doorways, elaborate window boxes and balconies.

Hamirsar Lake is another popular landmark in Bhuj, Kings made the lake to fulfill the domestic requirements of people during hot season. The lake is capable enough to carry three rivers to fill the towns water need.

Mata no Madh is a religious place to visit in Kutch. This is 1200 year old temple and built by Sundarji Saudagar. This Madh is devoted to the Kuldevi of Jadeja (A cast in Hinduism). There are number of Hindu festivals like Diwali, Navratri are celebrated with great joy.

Above are the most important places to visit if you are planning to visit Kutch.

Hold on! there are many other places like Kutch Bustard sanctuary, Shri Swaminarayan Temple, prag mahal, Clock Tower, Bhujia Hill, Sardar Sarovar and so on.

5. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is a castle in Jaipur, India. It was assembled by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in 1799. It has a five-story pyramid shaped Memorial that continues to about 50 feet. The place have 953 Jharokhas(window) which is its specialty. The architecture of Hawa Mahal makes it one of the best places to visit in India.

brown concrete building called Hawamahal in India
The amazing construction of Hawa Mahal

There are numerous other attractiveness such as the famed Jantar Mantar, Govind Devji temple, Ram Niwas Bagh, Jain temple, Sisodia Rani Garden and so on. From, the Hawa Mahal you have an outstanding view of the city.

6. Agra Fort

Agra Fort is ancient and authentic in the city of Agra. Agra Fort is acknowledged as UNESCO World Heritage site. It is a 2.5 kilometer away from the beautiful Taj Mahal. It is very attractive and peaceful place to spend some quality time with your family.

brown concrete building
Front View Of Agra Fort, India

While visiting Agra Fort you will visit Divan-e-aam and Divan-e-khaas. The view of the Taj Mahal from the balconies of the fort will make you fascinated about the place.

7. Ajanta-Ellora Caves

Now, it is the time to show the India’s ancient culture and heritage. Ajanta-Ellora caves are situated near Aurangabad in Maharashtra India. This place is the mixture of magnificent sculptures, paintings and Buddhist monasteries. It one of the best places to visit in India. It gives vibes of ancient India and that is what makes it the best places to visit in India.

Ajanta Caves were constructed between 2nd century BC and 16th century AD which are 29 in total. However Ellora caves established between 6th and 11th century AD which are 34 in numbers. 

brown rock formation during daytime in Ajanta Ellora caves, India
Ajanta-Ellora caves, Maharashtra, India

Ajanta-Ellora caves are the example of Indian classical art. Visiting Ajanta-Ellora is like going into time machine to visit the past. 

Here, the one tip I want to share with you. Don’t try to visit two of the caves in a day. You will not be able to completely enjoy the trip cause Ellora is 15 km west of Aurangabad, where Ajanta Caves is around 99 km north of Aurangabad. so, give only one day to visit one cave.

8. Manali

Manali is a place filled with forests of Oak, Fir, Deodar and Pine. It is a cool of nature, food, adventure, sports and ancient heritages. 

Travelers come to the Manali for many adventures activities like camping, tracking, boating, paragliding, snow camping in Hampta valley and so on.

people standing near brown wooden house during daytime in Manali, India
Amazing weather and vibes of Manali in India

If you are a first time traveling to Manali, there are some places which you should not miss out. For example, Hidimba Devi Temple, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, Manu Temple, Old Manali, Manali Sanctuary and so on.

So here are the top 8 places in India which you must visit at once. So grab your laptop to book your tickets and rich to the lovely India and enjoy an amazing life. 

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