Cuba is placed in the Northern Caribbean where the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean connect with each other. It is the attractive tourist place because of the beaches, colonial cities, ancient Monuments and museums. It is the largest and a commercial Iceland in the Caribbean region.

1. Havana

Havana is the center of the administration of Cuba. Havana is known as “The key to the New World” for visitors and tourist. It is the trade center of sugar and a flourishing Slave. The community rate of the city is 2.1 million. The city was built in 16th century. In 1982, Old Havana was recognized as a World Heritage Site. Havana is rich city in history and culture.

A green car passing from the streets of Havana, Cuba
A Classic Car Passing From The Roads of Havana, Cuba

Places to visit in Havana 

I. Malecon

Malecon is 8 km long roadway and seawall in Havana, Cuba. It is like a waterfront wall constructed in 1931. This is the popular place among the Cubans and called “The biggest sofa” in Havana. It is famous place for native Street artists, Musicians and Couples. I will suggest you to take a walk here in the evening. You will surely enjoy the breathtaking sunset.

A waterfront wall called as Malecon in spanish
Malecon, Havana, Cuba

II. Plaza De San Francisco De Asis

Plaza De San Francisco De Asis is a human square in old Havana, Cuba. It is included in one of the ancient squares in Havana. Visit this beautiful park and get a  chance to watch the colonial buildings and statues. It is a great place to have a conversation with locals. don’t miss this place to enjoy the true Havana experience.

III. Calle Mercaderes

One of the crowded street in old Havana. It would be great to have a walk tour in the street. The street is filled with hotels, museums, boutique stores and magnificent buildings.

IV. Museo De La Pintura

Ancient surviving houses in Havana. It is known as the Prado Museum in English. In museum, there are 8200 drawings, 7600 paintings, 4800 prints and 1000 scriptures are there. The building was constructed in 1785 during the region of Charles III.

2. Varadero

Varadero is Metropolis area in Cuba. Varadero was founded in 1887. It is a popular because of blue beach. It is the largest resort in Cuba. Varadero is 20 km long beach in Cuba.

Varadero Beach Hotels in Cuba

Places to visit in Varadero

I. Saturno Cave

It’s a kind of complex cave system. You can dive of in the pool and Praise The Spectacular Rock formations. This is the popular place among tourists. They come here to swim in the pool’s freshwater.

II. Delfinario

If you are an animal lover, put this place first in your list. After visiting this place, it makes me fascinated about dolphins. You are free to kiss, hug and talk with dolphins. I’ve kept you so many photos with dolphins. This place make a lifetime memory for yourself.

III. Varadero Street Market

Now, it’s time to shop some gifts and things for your loved ones. All the shopaholics out there, visit the Varadero street market for paintings, T-shirts,  jewellery, handmade items and wood carvings.
And yes! don’t forget to for buying anything.

IV. Snorkeling At Coral Beach

If you visit the Varadero because of the snorkeling then, welcome to the Coral beach. If you are confident enough to swim than take a deep dive in the beach and enjoy the view inside. Try Scuba Divining there.

3. Santiago De Cuba

Santiago De Cuba is an urban area in Cuba. It is the native place of famous poet Joseph Maria Heredia. Santiago De Cuba has a wealthy cultural life. The well known traditional dance of Santiago De Cuba is derived from Salsa.

Front View of Classic Building Structure in Santiago De Cuba, Cuba
Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion Cathedral at Parque Cespedes, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, West Indies, Caribbean, Central America

Places to visit in Santiago De Cuba

I. Parque Cespedes

It’s amazing starting point to start your journey in Santiago De Cuba. It’s a great place for sightseeing. You can relax here with the coffee and have a talk with locals. If you have a good sense of humor, We are sure that you will be able to make some friends over here.

The Ayuntamiento building at Parque Cespedes, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, West Indies, Caribbean, Central America
The Ayuntamiento building at Parque Cespedes, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, West Indies, Caribbean, Central America

II. Santa Ifigenia Cemetery

Some of the tombs, are amazing examples of art. Mausoleum Of Jose Marti, is the attraction of the symmetry. It’s giant towers allow a stream of lights to enter in Cemetery during the day. If you want to know the history of this place We would suggest you to take a guided tour.

Fidel Castro's the concept of Revolution in Cementerio Santa Ifigenia, Santiago de Cuba
Fidel Castro’s the concept of Revolution in Cementerio Santa Ifigenia, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

III. Revolution Plaza

Plaza De La Revolucion is the place of plenty of events. The famous landmark, devoted to the, Hero General Antonio Maceo. Visit this amazing place and attend some of the popular events.

IV. Gran Piedra

Grand Piedra is giant Rock mountain. You will enjoy the exciting view from the top of the Mountain. Grand Piedra is a 1234 meters high. You should be visiting this place early in the morning so climbing will not be hard for you.

4. Trinidad

Trinidad is the burg in the territory of Sancti Spiritus, Central Cuba. In 1988, it was identified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Trinidad is located in the middle of the Cuba. It is one the great colonial town in Cuba. The amazing city with colorful buildings and streets will leave you Wonder struck. Staying for some day in Trinidad is must while visiting Cuba.

View of the old centre of Trinidad, Cuba
View of the old center of Trinidad, Cuba

Places to visit in Trinidad

I. Plaza Mayor

If you want to start your trip of Trinidad with sightseeing, then start from here. There are so many attracting locations near by the plaza Mayor, popular Iglesia Parroquial De La Santisima Trinidad, so many Colonial mansions and museums.

Local people and tourist walking on the streets of Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba
Local people and tourist walking on the streets of Plaza Mayor in Trinidad, Cuba

II. Playa Ancon

Playa corn is located around 12 kilometers in South Trinidad. Spend a relaxing day at the dazzling beach. If you are looking for a less crowded place then this is the perfect place for you to have a graceful view to enjoy in peace.

Playa Ancón, Cuba.  Tourists on the beach at Playa Ancón in Cuba with a hotel in the distance.
Playa Ancón, Cuba. Tourists on the beach at Playa Ancón in Cuba with a hotel in the distance.

III. Museum Of Colonial Architecture

If you want to learn more about the Trinidad ‘s colonial architecture, visit this place to get more details. The museum displays doors,grills, locks, Windows and so many things related to living of 19th century.

IV. Day Trip To Salto Del Caburni

Salto Del Caburni is 75 meter long waterfall. You can enjoy the walk on the trails, which is about 5 to 6 kilometers long where you are able to watch tropical plants, insects, hummingbirds and so many other wildlife creatures. Visit this place during the winter or rainy season to see the impressive waterfalls.

5. Santa Clara

Santa Clara is a conurbation of the Villa Clara. It is well-known for its Monuments. There are nearly 215000 citizen rate of the city. In 1958 Santa Clara was this site where the last Battle of the Cuban Revolution happened. The city was founded in July 15, 1689.

Monument to Che Guevara and mausoleum, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba
Monument to Che Guevara and mausoleum, Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba

Places to visit in Santa Clara

I. Parque Vidal

Parque Vidal is the square in Santa Clara. It’s a place where you have a chance to meet the natives. Among the square, there are plenty of restaurants and bars to try the famous cuisines of Santa Clara. Parque Vidal offers free entry to everyone.

II. Teatro la Caridad

Santa Clara Theater –> This is the only old colonial theater in Cuba. The entry fee is 1 CUC into the theater. It’s worth paying 1 CUC to have close look at the Santa Clara ‘s history. To get a complete information about the place, take help from a guide it is totally worth it..

III. Statue Of Che Guevara Holding A Child

It is one of the important statue of Che. If you are taking a walk around the streets of Santa Clara, I would suggest you to take a good passing stop. While  looking at the statue, you will find some hidden symbols of che’s life.
In Santa Clara, you are able to take Santa Clara Cuba walking tour. You will enjoy the nightlife of Santa Clara Cuba.  As a tourist, you should visit the park Leoncio vidal or El Mejunje.

6. Vinales

Vinales is the Metropolitan area in western Cuba. Vinales Valley is a recognized World Heritage site. Vinales have lengthy wet season and shorter dry season. It is a cultivation area, where tobacco are grown using traditional methods.

Valle de Vinales National Park in Pinar del Rio province, Cuba
Valle de Vinales National Park in Pinar del Rio province, Cuba

Places to visit in Vinales

I. Vinales Valley Tour

This is the significant reason why people visit to Vinales, take the amazing Vinales Valley tour. Vinales is a farming area where crops many vegetables and fruits are grown. You can take and guided tour of the valley and enjoy the experience by yourself. One important thing to consider is don’t forget to visit tobacco and coffee plantation farm.

II. Explore Caves

Vinales is filled with plenty of caves. I would recommend you, Palenque De Los Cimarrones and Cueva Del India Caves. You have to pay 3CUC for entry in Palenque De Los Cimarrones.

III. Vinales Botanical Garden

Vinales Botanical Garden carry variety of trees and plants. If you are a nature lover, then take up the tour guide to know about different plants and flowers. The entry is free so enjoy the nature and breathe the fresh air.
At the end of the journey, you should relax at the Cuban bar and restaurants. Enjoy your trip with the glass of wine.

7. Cayo Coco

Cayo Coco is a tropical Cay in the central Cuba. It is place of Royal resorts and beaches. The first Resort was built in 1993 known as Guitart Cayo Coco. You can directly fly to Cayo coco ‘s on international airport “The jardines Del Rey airport“. It is known as Coco Birds.

Walkway to Beach in Cayo Coco, Cuba
Walkway to Beach in Cayo Coco, Cuba

Places to visit in Cayo Coco

I. Cayo Paredon Grande

Cayo Paredon is an Island in Cuba. It is the Paradise of Mountain. Island is 8.7 km long. There are lots of other Island near paredon Grande like Cayo Coco, Coco Guillermo, Cayo Romano and so on. Island is well known for fly fishing.

II. Parador La Silla

The Parador is a relaxing place to enjoy the traditional meal. You will get all the snake bar at the affordable prices. You can use your own car to reach over there because there is no public transportation spot at Parador Silla.

III. Have a fun at Vinales restaurants

This is another popular dining area in Cayo coco it is a perfect place to try French and Japanese food.

IV. Day trip from Vinales to Cayo jutias beach

If you are in Cayo Coco, then allow one day to make a trip from Vinales to Jutias beach. You should visit “Undiscovered beach” in the Piner Del Rio Area.
It will take your 45 CUC for transportation to make a trip from Vinales to Jutias beach. I am sure your money will worth the experience.

Beachside cafe with tourists eating food on Cayo Jutias beach in Cuba. A classic car is parked by.
Beachside cafe with tourists eating food on Cayo Jutias beach in Cuba. A classic car is parked by.

8. Cayo Santa Maria

Cayo Santa Maria is a small island in Cuba. There are total 17 hotels in Caryo Santa Maria. Sol Cayo Santa Maria is the very first Hotel opened on this Iceland in December 2001. Cayo Santa Maria means the resort area comprising a chain of three Iceland connected by the causeway.

Places to visit in Cayo Santa Maria

I. Playa Perla Blanca

It is situated on the tip of the Cayo Santa Maria. It’s perfect white Sand Beach to enjoy with your family. You are allowed to do diving, snorkeling and plenty of other water sports. It is easy place to access by car.

II. Guevara Museum

If you want to take a dig inside of the history of Santa Maria, then visit the Guevara Museum. The Museum displays the picture of the Revolutionary smoking cigars and Playing Golf, Guevara’s gun and binoculars.

III. Isla Paraiso

It’s amazing place for getting close to the Santa Maria’s  ecological diversity. Relax under the coconut trees and take a deep breathe.

Havana, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

Cuba is the best place to visit if you are a nature lover and enjoy the randomness. It is a developing country and full for historical monuments and culture. It is also a good place for relaxing and a small vacation trip. We hope the trip of Cuba will have something new in your life.

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