A View in Switzerland's Village

Switzerland is European country with plenty of lakes, villages and mountains. Switzerland is the perfect skiing destination. I know that it is in the bucket list of many of the travelers however Switzerland is comparatively costly to travel.
Here, you will find the places where you can explore for the best in top 8 cities of Switzerland.

1. Zurich

Zurich is the urban area and center of Banking and Finance in Switzerland. It is located at the north end of the lake Jurij in Northern Switzerland. It was categorized amidst the 10 most of the sustainable and comfortable cities in the world by Mercer together with Geneva and Basel.
I would like to mention that, Zurich might be the city where your expenses go out of your budget, cause Switzerland is considered one of the expensive country in the world.

Hold on! don’t worry about your budget. I will let you know some of the spectacular places to visit for free stay tune with this article.

Waterfront in Zurich, Switzerland
Waterfront in Zurich, Switzerland

Places to visit in Zurich for free

I. Zurich lake

Zurich lake is 40 km in length and 3 km wide in banana shape. It is famous expedition for citizens and travelers as well. There are plenty of things to do, enjoy water sports, family activities and have a beautiful lake view and relax yourself.
You have a chance to try new sports like paddling, wind surfing, water skiing and ice skating.

II. Uetliberg Mountain:-

It’s a place to enjoy the sensational view of the wonderful city of Zurich. You are able to reach over there by train or hiking. It depends on your preference. If you choose hiking, it takes around 1 hour to reach to the place. It is a lovely place to hike and enjoy the sunset from the top of the city.

Aerial panorama of the city and lake of Zurich from the Uetliberg mountain on a sunny day in Switzerland

III. Old Town

Zurich’s ancient section and the heart of the city. If you are historian kind of person, this is the great place for you to have a look inside the history of this amazing city. I will suggest you to take a “Zurich old town walking tour” to know this place completely. It is the Zurich ‘s famous historical hub.

Zurich old town with the Limmat river flowing toward the Zurich lake in Switzerland
Zurich old town with the Limmat river flowing toward the Zurich lake in Switzerland

IV. Great Minster

Great Minster Church is also called the Grossmunster. It is one of the best Church among the four major churches in the city. You can able to see the old statue of Carolus Magnus which is worth seeing. Try to visit this place during mid morning.

Great Minister Church in Zurich, Switzerland
Great Minster Church in Zurich, Switzerland

V. Lindenhof

Lindenhof is one of the historical site of the Zurich City. It’s place near the nature, where you can relax under a tree and able to admire the view of the city while having a coffee. You can walk back down to the cobblestone streets where you can have a Fountains, cafes, courtyards and historical houses.

Lindenhof, Zurich, Switzerland

Bahnhofstrasse and Minister of our Lady church is also free to visit places. These are the places, you can explore without taking stress about your expenses. These are the places, from where you are able to  inspect the magnificent view of the city free of cost.

2. Geneva

Geneva is the Cosmopolitan city and encompassing by Alps and Jura mountains. The town is popular for landmarks, museums and galleries.

This aerial photo was captured above the Old Town during springtime in Geneva, Switzerland. Enjoy the spectacular overview to St. Peter Cathedral, Lake Geneva and roofs of the city’s old town.

Places to visit in Geneva for free 

I. Lake Geneva

This place is famous for its scenic beauty. This place is filled with a variety of hotels, luxurious Resorts, numerous cultural events for sightseeing and entertainment. If you want to explore more than, book a special Cruise to notable sites such as “Haut Lac”, Montreux and Villeneuve.

Aerial view of Geneva, Lake Geneva with famous fountain Jet d´Eau are seen in the background, Switzerland,
Aerial view of Geneva, Lake Geneva with famous fountain Jet d´Eau are seen in the background, Switzerland,

II. Mont Saleve

Mount Saleve is a mountain in the region of Haute-Savoie. There are different paths to reach to the top. There is car ride also, to reach to the place in 5 minutes. You can also use the bus or your own vehicle to reach to the Mount Saleve.

III. Palais Des Nations (Palace of Nations)

It is in European headquarters of the United Nation. If you want to explore this place from inside, take a guided to about how it works.
At Geneva, you can visit Patek Philippe Museum, Place- Du Bourg-De-Four, Botanical Gardens, Temple De Saint-Pierre and water jet.

3. Lucerne

Lucerne is a compact burg in Switzerland. It is in German speaking part of the country with around 82000 citizens. It is one of the popular urban area in Switzerland because of the economics, transportation, culture and media.

Places to visit in Lucerne For Free:-

I. Kapellbrucke (Chapel Bridge)

It’s wooden Bridge running diagonally across the Reuss. It is recognized as a world’s oldest surviving truss Bridge. This tower is now closed for the public. It was constructed in 1365 in ancient time. There was 158 paintings. However after the Fire of 1993, only 147 paintings were left.

Cityscape of Luzern with a view to famous Chapel Bridge on the shores of Lake Lucerne
Cityscape of Luzern with a view to famous Chapel Bridge on the shores of Lake Lucerne

II. Lake of Lucerne

I would suggest you to take a Boat trip to enjoy the whole lake of Lucerne. You can also travel the lake by paddle-wheel streamer. However, if you don’t have much time still you can enjoy the beautiful view by sitting on the beach.

houses and buildings near blue sea during daytime
Blue water of Lake of Lucerne in City of Lucerne, Switzerland

III. Old town

If you wanted to look in the earlier time of the city you should definitely visit old town of Lucerne. If you love to roam in narrow streets, this is just the perfect place for you to take a walk tour of this place. You will able to see the ancient and houses, landmark, shops and so on.

Body of water between buildings in Old Town of Lucerne, Switzerland
Body of water between buildings in Old Town of Lucerne, Switzerland

IV. Museggmauer And Turme

It’s a wall made between 1350 and 1408 in the old town. There are 9 Towers built in different style on the wall. You are able to see the mechanism of work inside the tower.
There are plenty of places to visit like Mount Rigi, Mt. pilatus, Spreuerbrucke, Lowendenkmal and so on.

4. Interlaken

It is a tourist center town in Switzerland. Interlaken is a convenient place to reach and explore. It is positioned in the middle of two lakes. In Interlaken, frequent train, bus and boat services provided by two rail stations, Interlaken ost and Interlaken West. While visiting Interlaken, you will have plenty of day trips to plan.

aerial view of city near mountains Interlaken cityscape in Switzerland
Interlaken cityscape in Switzerland

Places to visit in Interlaken:- 

I. Harder Kulm

Harder Kulm is a 1321 meters high view point in Interlaken. It takes around two and a half hours to climb the Harder Kulm.
You will have to pay 30 Swiss but, this place what your money to reach to the harder you are not allowed to use your own car.

Aerial view of the Harder Kulm near Interlaken. (Photo by: Prisma by Dukas/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
Aerial view of the Harder Kulm near Interlaken.

II. Hohematte Park

The heart of Interlaken, which is covered in around 14 hectares of area. There is a theatre, a cafe and beautiful gardens with the flower clock, plenty of hotels including the ancient old Victoria Jungfrau hotel.
So, grab your drinks from the cafe and have a wonderful tour around the park.
During the visit of Interlaken, explore the Lake thun, Lake brienz, Touristic Museum, Niederhorn, St. Beatus cave and waterfalls, Interlaken Monastery and castle, and so on.

5. Saint Moritz

Saint Moritz is a luxury urban area of Switzerland. It is place for holiday resort and it was established before 3000 years ago. It is 1822m high. In winter “white turf” horse race hosts in Saint Moritz which is attended by many international tourist. Saint Motel railway station is placed in the middle of the town. Therefore, it’s easy to get around the places.

A view of the Saint Moritz in Switzerland with mountains behind.
A view of the Saint Moritz in Switzerland with mountains behind.

Places to visit in Saint Mortise please for free

I. Saint Moritz Lake

The walk around the lake gives you a wonderful experience. The trail on the lake going through the sailing club and in a forest.

landscape photography of lake saint mortiz near mountains
I was on a bike ride above St. Moritz when I stumbled over this little lake.

II. Engadine museum

There are more than 4000 items demonstrating native’s life from historical time. If you want to have a look at interies of ancient house. You will able to see the house utensil, costumes, embroidery and so many other things related to the living.

III. Segantini Museum

Museum was constructed in 1908 on a mountain by the artist Giovanni Sangati. This Museum contains the world’s most impressive collection of his art. He mostly captured the scenery in his paintings.

IV. Skiing and Winter Sports

After, seeing art and history of the city. Now it’s time have some fun. Saint Moritz offer traveler’s plenty of sports, for instance skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating rinks, Nordic skiing, kite skiing and so many others sports.
In Saint Moritz, you can also travel over The glacier express, Hahnense, Silvappana, Day trip to Sils and Val Dec and wildflower trail.

6. Grindelwald

Grindelwald is a Parish((in the Christian Church) a small administrative district typically having its own church and a priest or pastor.) in Switzerland in Interlaken-Oberhasli district. This place is well known for Mountaineering. Grindelwald offers several of activities to keep travelers happy. Grindelwald is notable as the “Vibrant Eagle Village” it’s easy to reach to the Grindelwald by road or rail.

Grindlewald, Switzerland

Places to visit In Grindelwald for free

I. Eiger Trail

Visit this place on a clear sunny day and to not forget to take a pair of binoculars. Eiger Trail is 1600 meters high. Enjoy The Spectacular view of Eiger’s not face while climbing.

II. Marmot Trail

It’s one of the famous trail, where you are able to catch the cable-car back to Grindelwald. I would like to suggest you to visit this place during June to October to have a chance of spotting a Marmot.
You should keep Binocular with yourself to enjoy the spectacular view.

III. Grindelwald Museum

It’s a place where you might like to spend a while to know the history of the city. You are able to know that how ca Murugar and Railway networks was constructed in anicent time.

IV. Spas

After all the adventures activities like hiking and climbing. Now, it’s time for relaxation.
If you are staying at a hotel, rented accommodation or luxury Resort. I am sure that they all our offer spa facilities.
Take herbal or stem bath and just relax!

7. Bern

Bern is the center of administration of Switzerland. It is prominent for Bern landmarks such as The Medieval clock tower in Bern. Bern was grounded in 12th century. It is known for high lifestyle and wealthy culture which attracts the tourists. Bern was acknowledged by UNESCO as a cultural World Heritage site. Bern has lots of Cinemas, which shows most of the films in German. There is a famous Queersicht- gay and lesbian film festival held in Bern annually.

Arial View of Burn, Switzerland
Arial View of Burn, Switzerland

Places to visit in Bern for free:-

I. Parliament Building

Check out this place, to learn how Bernese political work. ylYou can visit this place when there is no session in Parliament. If you want to have a guided tour there is no need to register yourself.

II. The Bern Minster

This Church is an prominent part of the city since ancient time. There is no enter in the Minster. However, there is entry to visit steep Tower stairs. After climbing the 312 steps of the steeple. You will be able to enjoy astonishing view of Monch and Jungfrau Mountains.

III. Bern Animal Park

If you are animal lover, then do give a visit to the Bern animal park. It is the place which you can visit at any time of the Year free of cost. It is the best place to visit with family and childrens. In winter, you are only allowed to watch bears through webcams because of the hibernation.

IV. Bern’s Museum

Experience the art and history at this place. Bern’s Museum organise exhibitions,photography events, art galleries which are free to visit by everyone.
In August you can be freely visit 18 Museum, parks, gardens in All Around The Bern on Saturday only.

V. Swiss Bike Park

If you are adventurous person and looking for a fun sport Pak, then this place is for you. This place provide you 40 minutes bike ride for free.
It does not matter, if you are a child or mature, beginner or expert you all are welcome to enjoy the bike ride.
Explore the botnical garden, Kenzert theatre, Rose Garden, outdoor fitness Park, Skating Pink on Parliament square for Free.

8. Murren

Murren is a mountain village in Switzerland. You can reach here by train or cableway.

Murren and mount Jungfrau in winter, Switzerland

Places to visit in Murren

I. Mt. Schilthron

The Schilthron is the highest mountain. In winter time, the world’s largest Downhill Ski race called “The Inferno” which has been started in 1928.

II. Bernese Oberland

It’s well worth visit with jagged rocks and summer heat. You should visit this place during summer to enjoy the view. Lush rolling greenhills will make you fascinated about this place.

Murren is the ideal place to discover for travelers and to enjoy the natural beauty of Switzerland. It is the paradise of hikers. You can also explore the Mini Museum to check out the window exhibition in Murren.

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