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If you love traveling then you might be regret some common mistakes. Travel means different for different people in the world. However, the most common reason for traveling is to have a pleasant experience.

Mistakes are a fact of life. So, whenever I take a trip, I first count my all mistakes that I made during my entire trip and make a list of it. Traveling gives a freedom which also give people the freedom to make a mistake.

Sometime, some mistake put you in a big trouble. It is good to avoid this kind of mistakes, that your pleasant experience does not become a horrible experience

1. Don’t wait for the right time

There is no right time for traveling. I started traveling at 27. I really regret that why I started traveling so late in life.It’s not that I never thought about becoming a traveler. When I was in high school I thought that I should more concentrate on study. Once I will get into a good job I will be able to see the whole world.The thing which I regret the most is I have skipped meaning family and school trips just to prepare for my exams.After getting into a decent job it’s takes 3 to 4 years for me to become a passion able Traveler. So never wait for the right time to come you get a chance with this amazing opportunity to see the world.

2. Don’t think traveling is a waste of money

If you are true traveler you should not think that traveling is waste of money. Traveling is the thing which is makes you richer in experience. Memories are the only thing which stays with us lifelong.Experiences gives us those memories.It’s not only make you richer in experience.However, it will make you richer in knowledge about culture and history, memories, richer in love with yourself and this world, richer in new perspectives about life.If you want to live this precious life beautifully and lively then believe me traveling is the only thing which break your normal 9 to 5 job routine and get you out of comfort zone.Traveling is a opportunity to learn and grow.Traveling teaches you many unforgettable lessons of life.According to me as a traveler you should make traveling your priority I’ll make sure you won’t regret it.

3. Don’t go without to doing research about the destination

Going to a new place without knowing anything about the place it’s like visiting a forest when you have a proper knowledge about place where you want to stay, where to eat, where to visit, you will be more motivated and confident while having your trip.

You need to research about the public transportation of the destination. Whenever I go for a trip I prefer to use public transportation because of the two reasons.

1. It will save your money.

2. It will give me opportunity to get into conversation with local folks and other travelers too. By doing some research about the place It will be like your travel guide when you visit a place.

4. Don’t just depend on plastic money

I know today world become digital.plastic money is accepted everywhere. Still, there are some rural places in some countries where traditional shops and restaurants only accept currency. so whenever you plan trip please carry some of the currency with yourself.

5. Don’t forget to have a travel insurance

If you are a traveler, this is an important thing to consider. It will be very useful when you feel sudden medical emergencies. Medical insurance will save you from expensive medications. A travel insurance cover offers 24×7 customer support for any kind of illness. Having the travel insurance is a mandatory requirement for a traveler.

6. Don’t pack too much

This is another important things to have in mind while planning a trip. Don’t get bags and pack whatever comes in hand. First make a list of essential things. If you are planning to visit country like Paris or Canada in winters make sure you have packed warm clothes like jackets and scarves.

Make sure you pack your clothes according to season of the destination. If you pack more your bag is going to be too big which causes struggle at the airport. So, carefully pack the right things which you are going to use while your trip.

7. Don’t forget to have a fun

I know earlier I have mentioned that everything needs to be planned. On the other side, it doesn’t mean you have to strictly follow the time table.Do some unplanned things too. Don’t forget to have a fun cause having fun is the motto of traveling.

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