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Nowadays, we all are in the kind of situation which we haven’t faced in life earlier. Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way of living our day to day life. We all have to take precautions before stepping outside of the house and has made the lives painful.

We all have to live the life with extra effort. During this pandemic, traveling has become a most dangerous task. It increases the chance of having and spreading the covid-19. But we should not stop traveling because of the pandemic.

During this pandemic from packing to check-in the hotel room, all things have been changed. Traveling becomes hard especially air travel.

Moreover, air travel requires hours spending in security check lines, baggage checking, immigration which puts you into close contact with other people. So here we have tried to provide you some important information regarding Covid-19 travel.

Things to do before traveling.

(1) Firstly, check the Corona spreading rate wherever you are planning to visit.

(2) Before traveling make sure you are not sick or you do not come into contact with any covid-19 infected person in the past 14 days.

(3) Before leaving the house for the destination disinfect your all suitcases handbags and laptop bag with sanitizer spry.

During the traveling, what are the important covid-19 accessories which you have to carry while traveling?

(1) Face mask:- wear a mask to keep your nose and mouth covered while you are in a public setting, public transportation like airports and stations.

Mask slow the spread of covid-19 cause it helps you keep away when someone is coughing or sneezing.

(2) Hand sanitizer:- Before touching any part of your body wash your hands with hand sanitizer while traveling wash your hands after and after touching anything.

(3) Disinfectant Vipes:- This is another important thing while traveling whenever you need to sit on any chair or bench while waiting for the flight to board remember first to disinfect the chair or bench before sitting.

After boarding a plane first disinfect your seat, you are treatable, your window, your passport everything which you carry with yourself.

Disinfecting all these things can save you from the covid-19.

(4) Sanitizer spray:- It is helpful for you to keep a small bottle of sanitizer spray to disinfect your carry-on luggage travel blanket or pillow. Remember, your bottle does not exceed than 100ml cause the airport authority does not allow any liquid bottle more than 100 ml.

While traveling we are constantly in contact with mobile phones, earphones, and laptops. So, it is really necessary to disinfect all this item before and after use.

(5) Glasses/Face shield:- It is really important to protect your eyes while traveling. wear glasses or a face shield to protect your eyes.

(6) Water bottles/snacks:- It is really helpful if you carry your water bottle cause this will save you to come in contact with the air hostess multiple Times.

It is safe for yourself and aviation staff also.

Carrying your snacks and avoid outside food is great during this pandemic.

So, make sure you don’t forget to carry your snacks and water bottle.

Things to do after reaching your final destination.

(1) If you plan to stay in a hotel make sure that all the staff members are taking precautions.

(2) Check that hotel rooms have updated policy for cleaning and disinfection.

(3) While staying in hotel rooms bring your utensils, use your toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, soap, and shampoo.

(4) once you reach your final destination, disinfect your all suitcases handbags, and laptop bag with sanitizers spry cause corona virus live on the hard surfaces for up to 4 to 5 days.

Some quick tips to protect yourself from covid-19.

(1) Avoid close contact 

(2) Follow social distancing up to 6 feet 

(3) Avoid contact with anyone who is sick 

(4) Don’t touch your eyes nose mouth while traveling 

(5) After any trip please stay quarantined for at least 14 days to make sure the safety of your family.

(6) Avoid touching unnecessary things.

(7) Wear gloves.

(8) Perform hand hygiene frequently.

(9) Stay far away from people who are coughing or sneezing.

(10) Stay up to date with travel advice.

(11) Take some regular medication with yourself.

(12) During your trip, avoid visiting crowded places.

(13) As a Traveler, you have a responsibility to protect the people around you so keep a handkerchief with yourself while sneezing and coughing.


I know, this pandemic has to Lower your excitement as a traveler. Because of this pandemic, as a traveler, you are more sacred than excited because of the covid-19 pandemic.

Don’t worry, be happy, every little thing gonna be all right. Life is an adventure, we have to be adventurous.

Every adventure of life is worthwhile. Don’t be scared. Pack your bags and go to fulfill the wish list of destinations. Travel for fulfillment.

Do travel and do explore yourself.

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