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Montreal (Montréal written in French) is the second largest technology hub of Canada. It is famous for all the important events in North-America. It is a hot favorite town among French people. It is a French speaking town and also people speak English as well. More than 50% people knows and speaks English language so your travel will not have a language barrier in the French cultured city. Montreal city is a part of Quebec province and also the largest city in Quebec.

It gets its name from word Mont Royal which means Royal Mountain and in history it used to called as Ville-Marie meaning City of Mary in French. In the present time also, some of the places are called Ville-de-Marie.

Montreal has been built to the side of the Saint Lawrence River. It used to be the largest city in Canada before Toronto grew big.

Today, we will be visiting the most amazing and not miss places in Montreal. 

Mont Royal

Mont Royal is a small mountain elevating 233 in the city of Montreal. The city of Montreal gets its name from the Royal Mountain. It is near by the down town of Montreal.

A visit through this lovely park enables the visitor to see monuments to Jacques Cartier and King George VI, to spend some time by Lac-aux-Castors,

and to have a look at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges Cemetery on the western slope.

The Mount Royal Park sits on top of the Mont Royal. It the largest green space in the Montreal deep with woods on the sides and front. You can have amazing view of the whole Montreal city from the front of the Mount Royal Park. The bottom of the park looks like a valley being seen from the top.

Saint Joseph’s Oratory

Saint Joseph’s oratory is National historic site of Canada and is Canada’s largest church with one of the largest church domes in the world.Located at 3800 Queen Mary Road on Mount Royal ‘s Westmount summit in Montreal Quebec.

Saint Joseph’s oratory is the result of Dom bellot ‘s very inspired and ambitious designs. This basilica is the highest point in Montreal. Tourist who visited this stunning place agreed that this Basilica is a must see for both devoted and secular tourist, calling it spectacular view from the top of the structure gives you a delightful experience.

Saint Joseph oratory is open daily and t tours are available when mass is not in session. The thing which makes this place worthy is the diversity of the architectural styles in its places of worship. When you enter in this place you will enter into its architectural Universe composing and artistic Heritage and illustrating a happy influences and styles. 

The Oratory is the tallest construction in Montreal, rising more than 30 meters above Mount Royal Summit, from where you can enjoy the view of the whole city.

The Oratory is not only recognizable in Montreal, but around the world, captivate more than 2 million visitors each year. Saint Joseph  oratory is a place of nature culture and spirituality which welcomes visitor in the heart of Montreal.

Parc Jean drapeau

Parc Jean drapeau is a park in Montreal situated at 1 circuit gilles Villeneuve. This is a perfect place for family, couples and friends getaways, only 5 minutes from Downtown Montreal. Visitors and travelers who set out to discover the wonders of parc – Jean drapeau have an amazing opportunity to praise the public artworks that brighten up the landscape of this magnificent Park.

It’s easy going and friendly to everyone and nicely spread throughout every area of parc’s grounds, you’ll see an array of works including ones at Escape 67, along the parts of the floralies Gardens, at the aquatic Complex and in the area surrounding the biosphere.

These excellent creations, which spotlight the talent of native and international artists belongs to the city of Montreal public at collection and a part of the ancestry.There are speculative of Montreal’s window on the world, since many of the works are donations by countries which participated in the world ‘s fair Expo 67, while others are from cultural exchanges between cities. There are numerous things you can do at parc Jean drapeau.

You can do hiking, bird watching, Boat Ride fat bikes Kayda found and so on. It is free to enter the park, some events required paying for tickets and some others are free.

China Town

China Town is located in the area of De la Gaucherie Street in Montreal. The locality contains many Asian restaurants, food Markets and convenience store as well as being home to many of Montreal East Asian community centers such as Montreal Chinese Hospital and the Montreal Chinese community and Cultural Center. Montreal Chinatown is a lively nightspot for citizen and tourists alike thanks to a special regulation by the officials which announce the sector as a tourist area, thus allowing it to continue operations well into the evening.

Most of the native Asian-Canadians frequent the area since the shops provide products directly imported from Mainland China or Vietnam that are difficult to get elsewhere in town. Besides from its economic significance in the sector, Montreal ‘s Chinatown actively participate in many community activities.

The offices of many Chinese newspapers organization and Association are located in the neighboring buildings. In addition, the China Town house is the biggest Chinese school of Montreal as well as Montreal Chinese Catholic mission.

China Town in Montreal has the annual miss Chinese Montreal pageant, where the champion goes on to compete at the miss Chinese International pageant which is usually held in Hong Kong or in Mainland China.

Atwater Market

Atwater market situated in Montreal ‘s Southwest Borough, close to the Lachine Canal. It opened in 1993. Atwater market is a place where you can find some incredibly fresh and tasty products. Sellers at Atwater market are passionate about what they sell to their customers. Atwater market is must go place in Montreal for all foodies, from gift to drink Atwater market have everything to offer to their customers.

It is a popular hub for locals as well as travelers. At Atwater market you are able to buy the fresh fruits and vegetables or any delicious items to prepare by yourself or Pôles des saveurs restaurant area offers lots of to go decisions starting from Vietnamese to Reunion Island specialties, barbecue, tapas and etc.

In Summer, you can cool off with delicious ice cream treat or beverages. The outside market has many farmer’s stalls, which sell both native and imported produce, as well as cheesy stores, a wine store and fish Store.

A pedestrian bridge which can also be used by bicycles. The existence of this Bridge explains the popularity of this market with bike riders, who often stop there and contributes to the summer ambiance of the area.

It borders the Lachine Canal so you can pick up some tasty food and rent a bike or go for a walk and enjoy your bounty outdoors.

Old Port, Montreal

Old port of Montreal is the historic port of Montreal, Quebec, Canada which is located in old model for over two kilometers along the Saint Lawrence river. It was used by French fur traders as a trading post in early 1611. The famous old port offers locals and travelers alike access to a wide range of activities Montreal Science Center with an IMAX theater, and Montreal Clock Tower. Which provides river front Access for walking, Pedalo and Segway rentals, rollerblading.

The old port of Montreal changed its name to the of The Quays of the old port of Montreal, during 2015. It is also known for fishing sports in the great Montreal area. In 2017, the Grande roué de Montreal Ferris wheel opened at the old port. It is the highest Ferris Wheel in Canada. The old port is a run by the old port of Montreal Corporation a subsidiary of Canada lands company.

Despite the fact, a subsidiary of Canada lands the old port reports directly to the government. Old Fort is a place which offers something for everyone at any time of the year the old port is well known for cultural activities and entertainment of all kinds along with an urban beach skating rink and Marina with 7 million, visitors each year.

The old port also through major events that include the cirque du Soleil, lgloofest and New Year’s Eve celebrations by the bank of the river. So, I advise you to visit the old port of Montreal around the Christmas time and be amused by shopping, restaurants and different attractions.

Montreal has a diverse community. It has a great history and monuments to visit. Montreal will amaze you from the very first glance.

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